Methods of evaluating evidence in evidence based practice nursing

Sample Question

Name two different methods for evaluating evidence. Compare and contrast these two methods.

Sample Answer

In nursing research, the two main approaches used to evaluate evidence include quantitative and qualitative techniques.  Quantitative technique mainly involves assessment of the data and comparison of various measures applied in the study under review.  Some of the metrics applied in quantitative method of evidence evaluation include standard deviation, mean or average and other statistical parameters.  Additionally, the quantitative criteria is measurable or it could apply formal tools for predicting, which ensures objectivity of the result and the applied variables (Liddle, Williamson, & Irwig, 2011).

The conceptual framework applied in qualitative methods of evaluating evidence entails assessment of the processes,   meanings, experiences and perceptions that the study subjects, including patients have regarding a particular variable under evaluation. Thus the qualitative approach does not apply measurable parameters. To analyze the relevant evidence, interpretation and using of emphatic comprehensions is applied, which implies that the findings and the variables are dependent on the context of the research study (Liddle, Williamson, & Irwig, 2011).


Liddle J, Williamson, M,  & Irwig, L.(2011). Method for evaluating research and guideline    evidence. Sydney: NSW Health Department.